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Performance Soil Retardent
The Performance Carpet Cleaning Soil Retardant is a high grade industrial strength sealer which is applied by the contractors. It is recommended for both carpet and upholstery.

Most carpets and furniture have been treated with a protective coating at the factory. This coating puts a barrier between the material and any dirt or oil that settles on the surface. After a period of time, it will begin to wear off and when carpet or furniture is cleaned, it removes any protective coating that is left. This leaves the fibers unprotected against oils and silt deposits that are abrasive to the fabric. Performance Soil Retardant should be re-applied to repel dirt so your furniture or carpet will stay cleaner longer and reduce the amount of wear and tear.

Performance Germicide/Deodorizer
The Germicide/Deodorizer is a high grade, industrial strength deodorizer with an alcohol base that is not found in commercial sprinkle-on products. It is intended for use only during the carpet cleaning process and is recommended on all carpets and upholstery whenever they are cleaned to protect against surface and subsurface odors.

Commercially sold sprinkle-on products are made up of solids that only mask the surface odors, leaving the subsurface bacteria untreated and over a period of time the abrasive solids can be harmful to the carpet fibers. The Germicide/Deodorizer is a sanitizer kills the fungus and bacteria that is causing the odor leaving the fibers smelling clean and fresh. It is available in several different fragrances.

Soil Retardant & Germicide/Deodorizer