Performance Carpet Cleaning
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1. Preparation
The carpet cleaning contractors inspect the areas to be cleaned for spots and traffic areas. Light furniture and breakable items are moved to prepare carpet for thorough vacuuming. A nylon pile lifter vacuum is used on the areas to be cleaned.

2. Pretreatment
Most spots and stains can be removed unless the fibers in the carpet or upholstery have been permanently changed. An enzyme treatment is used to breakdown the stain particles in the fibers which are then removed in the dryfoam cleaning process.

3. Dryfoam Cleaning
The dryfoam cleaning process is a totally non-residue dry foam that is designed to keep your carpet cleaner longer and leave it feeling soft and looking new. Any carpet that cannot be reached by a machine will be cleaned by hand. The carpet is accessible to light traffic immediately after cleaning and is totally dry within two hours. Furniture that was moved is returned to its original position.

4. Final Raking
To restore the carpet to its original look, a final raking is done with our Nylon Pile Lifter that raises the fibers to their fullest height.

Performance Four-Step Carpet Cleaning